The furniture is almost antique.

The long corridor called Touriniwa is  fantastic at night.This small heritage house is full of elements that make you feel, “Japanese people used to live this way!” 

There is no bed.Please sleep  with a futon.

We hope that you will not only stay, but also feel the life of a good old Japanese townhouse and Japanese culture.

Floor plan



We have the necessary facilities and equipment to make your stay comfortable.


Facilities in the hall

5 air conditioners, Wi-Fi, Washer / Dryer, Hot Water Wash Toilet Seat, Entrance Auto Lock, Floor Heating

Hand towel, bath towel, hand soap, dryer, toothbrush, toothpaste, yukata (free size only), shaving, body-soap, shampoo, conditioner.

Refrigerator, microwave oven,  electric kettle, IH cooking heaterIH, pan, frying pan, earthen pot (IH compatible), kitchen knife, cutting board, bat etc

Book collection ZEN
There is a very small collection of books that forgets the time.


The maximum capacity is 7 people. It is a standard of 5 people to spend leisurely on the second floor.


Like a ninja house, the stairs are quite steep and the ceiling is low. One last samurai lived in this house during the Meiji period. The stairs are thrilling, but please be careful not to slip or hit your head.


All the main rooms have air conditioning, and the first floor living room has floor heating.You can spend it comfortably throughout the year.


The charge setting is up to 7 people. There is a special discount when staying for 2 nights or more.


There is one parking lot. Use is free. It is about 1 minute walk from our hotel. Parking without a roof. The size: 2.5m x 5.6m. Use time is from check-in to check-out. See access for directions to the parking.