This old house has been designated by the Japanese government as a registered tangible cultural property.

The house was built about 140 years ago.

The name of this inn is “Kanazawa Machiya Kenroku”.

Machiya means an old private house.

The facade of the building is a historic billboard architecture.


The maximum capacity is 7 people. It is a standard of 5 people to spend leisurely on the second floor.


Like a ninja house, the stairs are quite steep and the ceiling is low. One last samurai lived in this house during the Meiji period. The stairs are thrilling, but please be careful not to slip or hit your head.


All the main rooms have air conditioning, and the first floor living room has floor heating.You can spend it comfortably throughout the year.


The charge setting is up to 7 people. There is a special discount when staying for 2 nights or more.


There is one parking lot. Use is free. It is about 1 minute walk from our hotel. Parking without a roof. The size: 2.5m x 5.6m. Use time is from check-in to check-out.

Kanazawa Machiya Kenroku was interviewed for a family pictorial.

It is featured in "Keigatsu" of the home picture magazine net version. The special feature theme is "Experience living in Kanazawa by staying in a private townhouse".

Our Actions to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Kanazawa Machiya Kenroku is taking the following preventive measures to ensure that our guests stay comfortable and at ease. ・Installation of a hand sanitizer at the lobby ・Installation of humidifiers in the second floor bedrooms ・ This inn is a private space only for customers. Even though we are the staff at the inn, once the customer has checked in, we do not enter the inn in principle. The key code will block the entrance to the hotel, so no third parties can enter. Therefore, there is no possibility that the customer will come into close contact with a third party inside the inn. We think whether it is safer than other accommodations. ・ There are windows on the first and second floors that allow free ventilation. ・Enforcement of wearing a mask and washing hands often for all employees ・ If a coronavirus infected person appears, we will publish it on our website without delay in cooperation with the public health center. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.