Reservation method


Basic 2 to 5 people.However, 1 to 7 people can stay.Please enjoy Kanazawa in a couple, a family, a friend, a group.

●accommodation charge

Charge (※)

two people 29,000 yen … (per person 14,500 yen …)

three people 33,000 yen … (per person 11,000 yen …) 

four people 37,000 yen … (per person 9,250 yen …) 

five people 41,000 yen … (per person 8,200 yen …)

six people 45,000 yen … (per person 7,500 yen …) 

seven people 49,000 yen … (per person 7,000 yen …) 

(it includes tax, a service charge)

※ The above rates are for off-season weekdays.

※ Prices will change daily, so please check on the reservation site.

※ In the case of one person only, it will be accepted at the rate of 2 people.

●Other matters about the staying

Kenroku is  for 1 group .The neighborhood is a residential area.If, during use, it causes trouble to the people in the neighborhood, you may be forced to withdraw your request.(The charge will not be refunded at that time.)Thank you for your understanding.


from 14:00 to 18:00

As Kanazawa Machiya Kenroku is a one-bed hotel, no staff is available.A staff member will visit the inn  according to the estimated arrival time that the customer contacted at the time of booking.And we will check in procedure.

Please be sure to let us know your check-in time as soon as possible.

If there is a change in the estimated time of arrival, Please call 090-9764-3977 (Host Hitoshi) .If there is no notification of changes, you may be waiting for up to about an hour. 

You can walk or take a bus to most of Kanazawa’s famous tourist destinations.
We recommend early arrival.
If you would like to check in earlyor late,please contact us.
We recommend early arrival.

● Delivery of key

At check-in, we will give you the security code of the entrance ten key.After that, I will explain the room.


The time to check out is free.Please enjoy sightseeing of Kanazawa slowly.


10:30 am

Check out is at 10:30 am.There is no procedure in particular.Please close the entrance 
and go home so as not to forget anything.


At  Kenroku, all reservations for customers are limited to online reservations from the Internet.
It is for the purpose of preventing double booking.

This inn is registered with the following hotel and inn reservation site, please use it.



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